Bio Nutrient Medicinals. Patient-based care.

The A.C.T Now program is FREE robust, holistic program offering a customized combination of 100% plant-derived Prana products, nutritional guidelines, nursing support, delivery services, on-site visitation and electronic medical chart management. Each patient is assigned to a nurse with an online HIPAA compliant patient portal to schedule consultations, make follow up appointments, review conditions in a 3d medical library, and access to customized cannabinoid sequencing charts. 

Together, these products and services have had a profound affect on patients diagnosed with many severe illnesses.

How does it work?

Based on a patient’s diagnosis, our products and programs are designed to help regulate the endogenous endocannabinoid system, perhaps the most important physiological system in maintaining human health. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body and are responsible for homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment.

Prana Medicinal products use a patent-pending infusion process utilizing select fatty acids, lipids, and essential oils to increase cannabinoid bioavailability over 300%! Bioavailability of CBDa, CBD, THCa, THC, or CBN varies greatly by delivery method. Smoking typically delivers cannabinoids at an average bioavailability rate of 30%. Cannabinoids that are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth have bioavailability rate of around 13%. By comparison, orally consumed cannabis edibles typically deliver cannabinoids at an average bioavailability rate of only 5%. 

With the A.C.T Now program, patients receive guidance in ordering Prana products, managing electronic medical records, receive nursing support, on-site visitations, at-home deliveries and more.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.



Brent A. Reynolds, Ph.D. Chief Medical Advisor

Brent A. Reynolds, Ph.D., attended the University of Calgary, where he received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in 1989 and 1994, respectively. While working on his Ph.D. thesis Reynolds co-discovered the existence of stem cells in the adult mammalian brain, a finding that overcame a century old dogma that the mature brain did not have the capacity to repair itself. After graduating, Reynolds co-founded the first neural stem cell company, NeuroSpheres, Ltd., where he was a director and vice president of research. Here he developed a strong patent portfolio in the neural stem cell field, developing and protecting protocols related to the application of stem cell technology in brain repair. Today, these patents and technology have been licensed to numerous biotechnology companies that are testing the efficacy in over half a dozen clinical trials for diseases such as spinal cord injury, stroke, ALS and pediatric disorders. After a brief hiatus, where Reynolds studied and practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine, he returned to industry working with StemCell Technologies in Vancouver, Canada. In 2004, Reynolds returned to academic science as a professor at the Queensland Brain Institute at the University of Queensland in Australia where he continued refining the application of neural stem cells for repairing the damaged brain. In 2008, Reynolds was recruited to the department of Neurosurgery at the University of Florida and has focused his efforts on studying aggressive pediatric and adult brain cancer and developing novel translational approaches to combat this lethal disease. Working with a multidisciplinary group of scientists, the team is taking the unique approach that cancer can be managed as a chronic disease by applying the principles that have been used in ecology to manage wildlife and pest populations. Based on the lessons learned over the past 80 years by ecologists, the team is focused on using multimodal low toxicity therapeutics to enforce a stable tumor population that exists below a threshold that has any harmful effects. Dr. Reynolds has more than 60 publications, including papers in Science, Cell and Nature, with several manuscripts receiving over 1,000 citations. In addition, he is an inventor on 18 granted US patents. Dr. Reynolds is currently a professor in the department of neurosurgery at UF; adjunct professor at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; an honorary professor at the Queensland Brain Institute, Australia; and program director for StepAhead, Australia. NIH, NHMRC and numerous foundations have funded his lab. 

Dr. Reynolds oversees the preclinical and human clinical trials for Prana Bio Nutrient Medicinals. Patients registered on the A.C.T Now program qualify for human observational trials to explore the efficacy of their program. 

Barry Bialek MD. Medical Advisor

Dr. Barry Bialek is a dual citizen of the USA and Canada. He received his BA Math & General Science, and his teaching certification for Secondary Education in 1974. He received his MD, Doctor of Medicine from George Washington University in 1985, and did his residency in family and community medicine at Wellesley Hospital, University of Toronto. Dr. Bialek did his fellowship in Obstetrics Mt. Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto. He was a lecturer from 93’ – 96’, Division of Emergency Medicine Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto School of Medicine. He later went on from 1999 – 2007 as the Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, at the University of Arizona. Dr. Bialek has practiced family medicine and emergency medicine for the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona as a Lieutenant Commander in the Commissioned Corps Indian Health Services for US Public Health Services. Academic Appointments include Engineering for Developing Communities in Israel, Nepal, and China.From 2005 – 2011, Dr. Balek was the Associate Adjunct Professor, Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder. Today, Dr. Bialek holds medical licensure in Colorado, Ontario, and South Dakota. He has practices in family medicine specializing in Medicinal Cannabis throughout Colorado, and is a member of the Medical Cannabis Research Group at CU Boulder. Dr. Bialek will be the medical director for the A.C.T Now Program, Native American Medical Liaison, and the assistant medical director for clinical human observational studies. 

Dr. Bialek's role on the A.C.T. Now team is focussed on educational outreach, community development, product use, and human observational trials for Prana Bio Nutrient Medicinals.  

Amy B. Powell, RN 

Amy B. Powell brings forth 13 years of professional experience as a registered nurse in the State of Florida. With vast knowledge gained through varying nursing disciplines, Amy has experience in caring for patients in high adrenaline emergency rooms and cardiac intensive care settings. While Amy possess the professional knowledge to be a leader in her field, she also displays the compassion and selflessness to put the patient and their families at ease during times of stress. As a team leader throughout most of professional career Amy has earned and commanded the respect of her peers by exhibiting the diligence, attention to detail and genuine passion for nursing admired by colleagues within the medical field.

Amy earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from one of the most prestigious academic universities in the southern United States, The University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

Upon graduation Amy was hired for the position of Cardiac/Neurology Nurse with Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville, Florida. A year later as a result of her quick grasp of the profession and admiration within her field she was offered the position of Team Leader for the Cardiovascular Unit at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida. By working within the walls of Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville; she gained valuable experience at one of the Southeast’s premier medical facilities.

Life would take Amy to Palm Coast, Florida for her next professional endeavor. As a Team Leader in the Emergency Department, Amy would gain valuable experience in dealing with high stress trauma situations. As evidenced by her Team Leader status she was called upon to remain calm under sometimes extreme situations, both for the patient being treated and staff looking to her for guidance.

As a result of a life changing illness within her family Amy would go on to work part time as Professional Recruiter within the healthcare and engineering fields. Once again her ability to adapt and thrive within a somewhat unfamiliar field gained her the respect of her colleagues and clients.

She currently holds the position of Heart and Vascular Procedural Care Team Leader for Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare in Tallahassee, Florida. 

Amy will be assisting A.C.T. Now patients managing seizures, epilepsy, neuropathic pain, paralysis, and special needs pediatrics.


A.C.T Now Clinics & Prana Distribution 


We handpicked these fine establishments exclusively because of their compassionate reputation, excellent products, and outstanding service to their patients. 



Harborside Health Center


Visit the A.C.T Now Store inside Harborside for all purchases of Prana Bio Nutrient Medicinal Products, patient support, and product information.

Patients of Harborside qualify for member discounts, delivery, and in house wellness services. Patients with terminal conditions, seizures, autism, dependency, and special needs automatically qualify for extended nursing support services with the A.C.T. Now Program. 

(888) 99-Harborside   (888) 994-2726   10am-8pm daily

Fox Street Wellness


This location is currently not serving patients of Colorado due to licensing changes and requirements at this facility. We sincerely apologize for the interrupted service and access to the products.

Medical patients of Fox Street Wellness receive additional discounts for allowing the center to cultivate their plants. Patients with terminal conditions, seizures, autism, dependency, and special needs automatically qualify for extended nursing support services with the A.C.T. Now Program. 

(720) 881-7460: Open Daily · 10:00 am – 6:45 pm